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my flash was blammed

2008-06-10 03:14:25 by halo135

i tried my best but my flash (442505) was blammed how come i always see much worse flashs in the portal and mine didnt make it in :'(


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2008-06-10 13:03:43

:( Poor fellow.I wish I knew about your flash.I might have givin it a 4 if i knew about it.


2008-07-31 06:40:35

Trust me, buddy, you have to get used to it! For example, if you make a comedy movie, and a goth person reviews it, they will most likely give it a 1 or 2. It all depends on who's watching, so don't get discouraged! Learn buttons, take some time to make the movies, and if all else fails, try something new, like flash games! Keep reaching for the top!
-Anthony', Advice Inc.

halo135 responds:

thank you i am quite experienced with buttons and am working on my flash game :D


2008-08-13 02:37:34

Everything about you spells noob.

halo135 responds:

>:( your the n00b


2009-01-05 02:16:51

eh,I dont really get the point of spam,I mean if your going to take time out of your day to make crap flashes on purpose then you need a job or a life or somthing.You will most likley respond to this with a sarcastic faggit comment saying you tryed your best or somthing along those lines.You are most likely 12. :/